Youth Volunteer

Habitat for Humanity is always looking to engage local youth in our mission and help teach them early on that affordable housing is important, and that they can help make a difference in our community.  Although volunteers under age 14 are not allowed on site, there are lots of other opportunities for youth to help Habitat.  Additionally, youth ages 14 and over can participate in construction – it’s never too early to learn! Habitat’s youth programs seek to engage young people ages 5 to 25 and involve them as leaders in the work of Habitat for Humanity.

Working on a Build Site

You must be at least 16 to work on a building site.

Build Site Support

We have many opportunities for younger folks to get involved in some of the offsite support work involved in keeping our building sites on track. Sorting and preparing, materials, offsite finishing work and inventorying are all important jobs that youth can assist with. Let us know you want to help!

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