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Check out some of our volunteer events, homes and other activities. From volunteers to our homeowners, smiles are everywhere!

Women Build 2017

Thank you, thank you to ALL of our Women Build Weekend volunteers and supervisors – you are all rock stars to say the least!  We never cease to be amazed by the kindhearted, hardworking, enthusiastic women in our community who share their Mother’s Day weekend with us each year. Our hearts are full!


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Barrows Street, Groton

On November 15, 2014 we thanked our dedicated volunteers and welcomed our newest homebuyers to their new house on Barrows Street in Groton. It was a day full of celebration! Thank you to all who contributed to this home!


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Women Build 2016

Women Build 2016 was a fantastic success because of the many volunteers and supervisors giving their time and talents to build homes in the community. Novice and experienced carpenters came together, and built wall panels and a fabulous Habitat playhouse. Every year, these awesome women impress us with their skills and camaraderie. Thank you, Women Builders!


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