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A message from our Executive Director…

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re holding up well, in the midst of these rapid changes to our work, our school, and our community health.  Believe it or not, I think about you a lot!  You are our hammer swingers, our planners and problem solvers, and our donors.  You’re also our families and our partners, and we’re in this affordable housing mission together.

As I write to you from my “home office”, it’s clear to me that we’ve never understood the importance of home more than we do right now.  We’re working from our homes, schooling in our homes, and sheltering ourselves from uncertainty and threat.  We are turning to home for so many reasons. Think, for a moment, of the families who can’t.

We are not stuck at home, we get to be safe at home…
There are families, right here in our own community, who don’t have a place to protect themselves from this virus.  And, they’re working daily, not just in this time of crisis, to identify a safe, decent home for their families.  We all deserve a comforting place to lay our heads at night, and a space to feel secure.

You cannot swing your hammer with us today…
But, your donations, right now, can help us maintain the funding that we need to get back to work as soon as we can.  We have materials to purchase, homes to complete, and families who are counting on us.

We’ve temporarily stopped work on our construction site, but we’re very busy behind the scenes working to replace lost funding, maintain our talented staff, and plan for future builds.  You can help by making a gift today.

Please stay tuned for some new ways that you can support our affiliate during this challenging moment.  I understand that now won’t be the right time for some of you to make a gift.  We still want to stay in touch, and we hope you’ll stick with us FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Of course, you’ll be the very first ones to know when we re-open our construction site and welcome you back.

We are Habitat.  We build home.

Stay well,
Shannon MacCarrick
Executive Director

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